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Traditional Belgian Instrument

Audio file of the Saxophone  
Children Story
Antoine, the sax player
Author: Marianne Poncelet

Once upon a time, there was a young boy living by the river. His name was Antoine. Every day, he was going nearby the river to watch the green water running and whispering between the pebbles. He brought a music instrument that his father gave him: a shiny saxophone. Every day, he played an ode to the river, sometimes joyful, sometimes melancholic or sad, sometimes majestic. The sax seemed to glow between his fingers whenever he touched it. When he blowed on the wooden mouthpiece of the instrument, the reed flowed over the surface of the mouthpiece and produced a vibrating sound, coming from the air column inside the instrument. The sound was vibrant, full, mellow, warm to the core. Antoine knew everything about his saxophone composed of three parts made of brass: the conical body, the bell and the breech connecting the two. The keys control the opening and closing of the side holes drilled on the body, also called chimneys. The upper hand of the body extended horizontally by the jar which carries the spout and the reed.
All those parts could be made of metal, wood, leather with gold or silver strips. His saxophone was a beautiful instrument. It was also the key which allowed him to enter in resonance with the nature. For he could imitate all the sounds it inspired him.
On that day, the sun was shining bright and reflected in the brass body of his saxophone. It was a magical day as it happens sometimes: a state of grace.
A bird from the sky landed on the saxophone and started to sing. Antoine, first astonished then amazed, started to imitate the bird song with his sax and, soon, they could communicate at the sunset.
Suddenly, little voices could be heard from the bottom of the river. Elves and undines appeared laughing, all carrying magnificent saxophones of all shapes and colors: bass, double basses, baritones, tenor, alto, soprano,… They formed a small orchestra of saxophones brilliantly echoing the dialogue initiated by Antoine and the bird.
At dusk, the elves and undines dived back into the green wave. Antoine fell asleep under a tree. And the bird laid his beak on its colorful feathers.
No one ever knew if it was a dream or reality.
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