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Traditional Czech Instrument

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Children Story
How Cim the table went into the big world

Once upon a time there was complete silence in this world. To make you understand, dear children, the chirping of birds and the music of river has stroked our ears forever. But the time had come when our ears were so spoiled that this was not enough anymore…
And just during these times our hero was living. They called him Cim, four horns and four legs he had, little table he was! He stood in the corner of a nice lady’s house, and he was a big wriggler. He often felt bored in this corner and he didn’t like the silence of the house.
For you, dear children, to understand, the chirping of birds with the music of river really touched him only a little. “I wish I could go to know all the sounds of the world!” he dreamed every day. And since we know, dear children, that he was a great wriggler who had four legs and could run very quickly, one day he truly went fearlessly into the big world.
He walk around and around and around for a long, long time until little Cim the table found his voice. Maybe it is 2000 years and maybe even longer. “How are you doing it, birdie, that your voice sounds so sweet to my ears? I would also like to make the world better place by my sound”, he asked the advice of all feathered friends he had met on his travels. And one day, he finally got the advice. “Well, it’s hard for you, Cim, you have for legs which you should be very happy about, thanks to them you can see the beauty of the world! But how to make music with no hands? Perhaps with the help of two drumsticks!” the bird chirped from distance and was already flying back to Cim with two wooden sticks in its beak.
“Catch them, Cim! Make balom bom on your back with these two drumsticks and – call yourself CIMBALOM! The noble name of yours will know the whole world soon!” the bird chirped enthusiastically and tickled Cim lightly on his back. That was, dear children, wonderful sound!
And so, it was no longer an ordinary Cim the table. He called himself Cimbalom since that beautiful day, wearing drumsticks proudly over the world, giving music and joy to its people. He travelled around Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, France even England had the chance to meet him! And today, today he is, dear children, known all over the world, just as the bird predicted. Do you know him too? No?
If you will listen carefully, you will surely hear him. Balom bom makes drumstick on his back! And in order not to be sad and alone, sometimes he’s accompanied by his two best friends, whom he met on his travels. Violin and contrabass they are called. However, about these two next time again!
And what about cimbalom? Well, you know what comes next in tales like this. Cimbalom the table pleasured the world by its sound till… oh dear, what am I saying! Everyone knows that its sound has been enriching folk music and our ears till today.
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